How to make Blinds easily at home

Well, Blinds and Furniture are essential to our furniture. They are used to support our backs while sitting, decorate our furniture and make it look perfect. But what if you had a cushion cut or stained; do you need to buy a new one?
This guide will tell you how to make a brand new cushion in easy steps. Whether you need a new one or you need to upholster your cushion, these steps will help you.

1. The Blinds

Before starting, make sure to buy everything you will need in order to complete the job from the first time. You will need the following materials:
– A fabric or foam blinds. You can use your old fabric if it is not so damaged. If the new fabric is not clean, wash it and then iron it to remove any wrinkles.
– A zipper. There are several types and they vary in their length; buy the most suitable for your cushion.
– A sewing machine.
– A matching thread.
– A scissors.
– An iron.
– A measuring tape and Pins.

2. The measurements:

It is different when you are reupholstering your cushion or making one from scratch.
– If you are reupholstering it, start by removing its cover and evaluating the damage of the cushion. If it is OK, cut the cover fabric using the scissors and increase an inch to the length and width.
– If you are making a new cushion, measure the length, width and depth of the foam and start cutting it then cut the cover fabric and make an extra inch to the measurements of the foam.
You will need two pieces of fabric; one for the front of the cushion and the other for its back.

3. Wrap the Blinds  with fabric:

Put the cushion between the front and the back fabric covers, fix the edges with the pins and place the zipper where you want it. That will be the shape of your new cushion.


4. Sew the zipper:

Before stitching the edges, Place the zipper and start sewing it considering the following:
– Pin the front and the back fabrics together.
– Leave a space of about half inch outwards to the zipper.
–  Pin the zipper to the side of the fabrics.
– Sew it with the matching thread.
– Cut the extra fabric and the matching thread.
If you are going to make the all sides of the cushion with zippers, repeat the same steps.

5. Sew the edges:

With the sewing blinds and fabrics machine, start sewing the edges of the front and the back covers together. Try to place them perfectly over each other by fixing the edges you are going to sew by pins. Start sewing with the sewing machine using the matching thread. Leave an extra fabric that you will cut later to make the fabric cover tight on the foam. Sew all the sides the same way.

After finishing the fabric cover, unzip the zipper and put the foam into the fabric furniture cover and now you have a brand new Blinds.
It is easier and cheaper than buying a new one and you will be able to make its design the way you want. Don’t be afraid of the sewing machine; just be careful while using it and everything will be OK.

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