Best ways to clean your carpets properly

If you have dirty carpets that turned yellow because you didn’t watch them for a long time or you kids have dropped food or juice on them and made them stained, it is time to know how to clean your cushions effectively at home instead of buying new ones or throwing them away.
The process of cleaning depends on the type of the cushion. Let’s see how to deal with different types.

• The Process of washing the cotton, synthetic, down and fiberfill carpets is done through the following steps:
– Remove the pillowcase. If the pillow has a zip-on cases, remove it too and wash it separately.

– Wash the pillows in the washing machine; It is totally safe so don’t worry. Just put two pillows in the machine as one pillow will get thrown around.
– Add a cup of the washing detergent if you just want to wash the pillows. If you want your pillows to look so white, add a bleach and borax in suitable amounts.

– Start the washing machine after adjusting it to hot water system.
– After washing it, put it in the drier. Drying is a different process according to the type of your carpets. If it is a feather filled, then the best setting is the air drying with no heat. If it is a synthetic cushion, use the low heat drying system.
– Check your pillow well. If it is still wet, repeat the drying process till it becomes completely dry.

The process of washing memory foam carpets and flooring is different from the previous one completely; it is done through the following steps:
– Remove the pillowcase. If the pillow has a zip-on cases, remove it too and wash it separately in the washing machine.
– Why foam cushions are not washed in the washing machines? Well, the washing machines are so rough so the foam cushions need to be manually washed.

– Fill a tube or your sink with warm water; you just need enough water to cover the cushion.
– Add the clothes detergent liquid to the water. Each cushion should take about a spoon of the detergent. Manually, swirl it till the mixture bubbles up.
– Put your cushion in the water, squeeze the dirt out of it and try to wash every part of it. Don’t just squeeze it one time; repeat the process many times.
– Put the cushion under the tap water to get the soap out of it. Leave it for a while. After removing all the soap, check the cushion well for any dirty spots. If there is any part that needs extra washing, repeat the process.
– We don’t use the washing machine to clean the foam cushions and we don’t use the dryer to get it dry. It will destroy it. Leave it to dry and if possible place it in the sun.
– Check the cushion well. The foam can hold water for a long time so make sure that the cushion is completely dry before putting it together again and re-use it.

These are the simple ways to get your carpets clean. After a while, they get old and you may not be able to make them new again by washing. Consider buying new carpets only after trying to wash them well.

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